Lifelong learning Grade 7

50 students

Lifelong learning Grade 7

Lifelong learning enhances our comprehension, skill, and wisdom needed throughout the life. It is about creating and maintaining a positive attitude to learning both for personal and professional development. Lifelong learning boosts confidence and makes us adaptable. It shapes our belief system and cultivates a satisfying personal life.

Children can opt for Lifelong learning course along with the conventional subjects. This course is spread over all the grades in our school, covering the following areas.

  1. IT, Augmented technology future and you
  2. Introducing Childcare and Child Psychology to Instructors and parents.
  3. Use of Children’s encyclopedia and Storytelling to encourage children’s participation in family discussions.
  4. Increasing imaginative capabilities through animations and cartoons about inventions and discoveries, sightseeing, visiting factories, zoo, aquarium, plane rides, sailing trips. Movie selections for children on Netflix.
  5. Friendship, Trust building, understanding money, cooperation, exchange, meeting strangers.
  6. Online friends club, collaboration in making YouTube channel, recording videos. Story writing for Children’s Newsletter and use of MailChimp emailing.
  7. Downloadable audio, video storybooks, apps and games. Using Wii and Xbox.
  8. Instructional programs about Instagram, web-chat, picture editing tools, blogs
  9. Encouraging Origami, Abacus, Lego, Mechano-set, Rubrics cube, Cooking.
  10. Learning various languages, Sign language, Shorthand, Typewriting and Handwriting
  11. Making Handicrafts, toys, developing hobbies and collections.
  12. Encouraging lifestyle of sharing and teamwork.
  13. Admiring nature, planting trees, hydroponics, saving water, disposing garbage, recycling.
  14. Telling the truth, being kind and respectful.
  15. Physical fitness exercises, hygiene, safety, and health.
  16. Learning to enjoy little things, handle emergency situations, coping with stress.
  17. Memorising significant facts, dates, quotable quotes
  18. Rhyming words, riddles and jokes, links to famous Children books, Classics, tales, and fables.
  19. Abiding by Law and Learning road signs
  20. Importance of Time Management, being organised and taking care of your belongings
  21. Understanding concepts; Time, Calendar, Weights, Measurements, Volume, Distance, Speed, Acceleration.
  22. Importance of computer usage, solar energy, carbon footprint
  23. Playing keyboards guitar and drum set, singalong karaoke, and dance.
  24. Riding a bike, camping and making a tent at home, Clay molding.
  25. Scrabble, Ludo, Memory cards
  26. Understanding Who am I?, why am I here?, What do you want to be and why?
  27. Learning to imagine, What if scenarios
  28. Making best friends, eating with family, helping in home chores.
  29. Use of mobile phone, remembering landmarks and addresses
  30. Helping the poor and needy.
  31. Scanned Translations from good books

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Hello, I am Eunice Hill ( ). I am a virtual Grade 7 e-teacher, and my specialisation is Science. I am committed to professional ethics, standards of practice and the care and education of my students. I am a self-directed, action-oriented professional with over 5 years’ experience in online education and LMS. I believe that our e-students should be at the center of the instructional process. I have an image of children as strong and capable beings. An online classroom is a place where the teacher serves as a facilitator and guide as the online students construct their own understanding of the world around them. When children are the priority in teaching, an amazing amount of learning can take place – even online. I believe in creating opportunities for students to develop to their fullest potential while developing and expanding their horizons and worldviews. In order to accomplish this, there must be a welcoming, positive environment that is open and honest. – “the children come first.”
50 students enrolled.